Envirofix distributes TurfMaker HydroMulchers, TurfMaker Hydroseeders, TurfMaker Hydrosprigging equipments Australia wide.

Envirofix is the Australian distributor for TurfMaker HydroMulchers,  TurfMaker Hydroseeding equipment and Spray-on-Lawn Seeders. In addition, Envirofix is the Australian distributor for the Posi-Shell Alternative Daily Cover System used to cover waste at landfills. Posi-Shell is also an excellent silt and sediment run-off prevention system for mine sites and major infrastructure construction sites. Posi-Shell products are widely used to revegetate and hydroseed a variety of remote and environmentally sensitive construction locations.

Envirofix sells a range of supporting products and services including HydroMulch, Wood Fibre Mulch, Tackifier, together with a variety of Bonded Fibre Matrix products for use in erosion and sediment control.

Furthermore, Envirofix manufactures Biogas Flares used to capture and combust Landfill Gas and other harmful methane emissions. These flares are used widely throughout the landfill industry, as well as combusting biogas emissions from anaerobic ponds installed at piggeries, dairies and abattoirs. They are also useful in combusting excess gas at coal seam gas plants and the like.

All our Biogas Flares are solar powered, require no external power and are completely portable.

We distribute all these products across Australia and continue to service our customers with Envirofix equipment in South East Asia and the Pacific islands.

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